Thursday, January 20, 2011

Up On The Boulevard

This is how concierges get the tickets to special events that "you and I" have no access to.

Here is the sign on the trompe l'oeil building I posted about a while ago. It's a hotel. And that is passing strange as there are now two upscale hotels within shouting distance of the intersection of Vine Street and Hollywood Blvd. Those being the W hotel and the Redbury, pictured here. The W is modern in style and the Redbury is, for lack of a better term, fanciful.

At the former Nickelodeon Theater (6230 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028), the crew was setting this up outdoors, in the parking lot. This looks to be a stage for a live performance, not a feature film or tv episode. Nickelodeon Studios was the owner of this property until a year or so ago. Your Hollywood Rounder apologizes for not knowing the name of the current owner, and will post that sooner or later.

Soon: pictures of trashy lingerie from Hollywood Boulevard's trashy lingerie shops. And I do mean trashy.

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