Monday, January 17, 2011

Hollywood Variety Pix

Los Angeles is having it's comic relief from winter. The daytime high temperatures starting Friday (14-Jan-2011) have been in the 80s. (27 C.) and will continue in the mild 70s (~24 C.) this week. The temperate weather has given me time to get out and explore. Hence, without further ado:

Here a fellow wants to go into business. He has posted his offerings on the traffic light standard at Sunset & Vine. 
As he has posted his email account publicly, I hope this post doesn't cause him undue problem. (Are any Rounder Readers spaammers?) That's not a typo, folks.

David Nelson, older brother of Ricky Nelson died last week. David, Ricky, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson appeared on a TV show in the 1950s. The show, eponymously titled: The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, was a slice of American life then. David was portrayed as the more sensible and intellectual brother to Ricky's rock-'n-roll temperament.
This modern Paul Klee-esque building (probably condos) is located at 1141 N. Formosa Avenue in West Hollywood. It is situated amongst much cheaper, older and uglier apartment buildings. It is quite striking to meander down Formosa Avenue and see this building.

This is an update on the billboard advertising on the apartment-retail complex as the north-west corner of Sunset Blvd. and Vine Street.

Surfboard along 4th Street in Santa Monica, California. 

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