Friday, January 21, 2011

Victory and Greetings From Down Under

A music CD awaited your Hollywood Rounder today and after obtainng it, dutifully has he kept his Rounds and herein presents to you:

The Hollywood Palladium will be the venue for the 2011 G'Day USA gala. Their website says the event is sold out, so as it's set for Saturday, and your Rounder has plans, he won't be in attendance. Sorry, mate.
Olivia Newton John give Barry Gibbs an award
Yesterday, I posted a similar pix to this one. However, I promised to say what the name of the theater is. Much to my surprise, it's still Nickelodeon's property. The Hollywood Arts sign I saw was a prop and I have, as of today, learned what that is for. This is a set for the cable-tv show: Victorious
Vicky's Performance Prop
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