Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scene from Battleship, Vintage Car and Cute Women

Dateline: Wednesday 27 October, 2010. Place: Selma Avenue and El Centro Avenue. Scene: From the forthcoming CBS feature: Battleship. This scene, involves a car crashing with a dump truck. What many of you don't know about movies is that each scene, no matter how short, can take hours to set up and then, if everything isn't perfect, it must be done all over again until it is perfect. As your Hollywood Rounder always wants to show you all that is vibrate, beautiful and fun in Hollywood California, he strayed up to this film set. But, even he cannot wait around for hours to get the "just right" shot. So, without more fanfare folks:
Camera crew far left, dump truck in background

Immediately before the director called: "Action".

Immediately after the director called: "Action".

This car is going to be seen in a HBO film. Someone I spoke with said it's a film about a silent movie. At least that's what I was told, but I'm starting to think, someone is pulling my leg. It's a prop car. It has a seat belt, so it may have an engine, too.

Above is a painter and I will show you the results of her craft, soon. Two days later, the wooden boards are being plastered and I'm hoping that Friday or Saturday will be some acting.

Nice Shoes!

Still life. Girl feeding parking meter on Larchmont Blvd.

Still life. Girl with coffee cup. This candid shot was the best I could do. The subject was very uncooperative at both smiling, and keeping her eyes open.

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