Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hollywood Sign on the Clearest of Days, Red Studios -Silent Movie-, Another Fashion Event at the W

A busy day taking photos. Los Angeles County had high winds Monday, (26-Oct-2010) and that blew the fog, particulate matter, a.k.a., smog, and smoke out of the basin. What that means is the air is clear and sweet smelling. A real treat for those living in one of the most densely packed places on the planet. These are pictures, from slightly differing angles, of the Hollywood sign. The day was partly sunny, but at the time of these photos, the sky was mostly cloudy.

Tomorrow, along Selma Avenue CBS will be shooting: Battleship. Shooting some scenes from it, anyway. The use of a street (a public street), for commercial purposes, requires a permit from the government and this is a picture of that authorization.

The interior courtyard bar at the W Hotel is often the venue for fashionistas. I snapped a pix of this Forever 21 photo booth there. Note the credit card companies logos for buying your photos. So this booth takes photos and credit cards, too!

While flaneuring past the former Ren-Mar Studios, which is now the Red Studios, there is an unusual structure built for a film. I asked the security guard what was doing and he said a French motion picture, was being shot there. I'll post another picture of it and some particulars.
Uncompleted set for French motion picture at Red Studio (Lillian Way)

Hollywood Boulevard, near Vine Street

Here is something you don't see everyday, a photo of tourists on a bus.

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