Friday, October 29, 2010

More Work for the Forthcoming French flic - The Artist

I met the Production Manager of The Artist, today. And I'm fully armed with the facts for once. The film's name is: The Artist. It's about a silent screen movie star. The car, pictured a few days ago is a prop Bugatti. Not a real Bugatti. The set building and painting is getting done and she invited me back to get some more photos next week. I promise to do that. Ah! - It's not an HBO production. It's a motion picture for the French film market, being made in Los Angeles California. Go Figure!

Silent Movie Studio Entrance
Close Up of the painter at work

This is along Lillian Way, south of Santa Monica Boulevard and north of Melrose Avenue.

Paladin - a film equipment company
The truck delivered some tripods and other stuff to set lights on. It was a hectic morning at Red Studios

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