Monday, May 24, 2010

The Wiltern Theater and Koreatown

This is the Wiltern Theater. It is an Art Deco era building, located at the south-east corner of the intersection of Western Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard. The Wiltern went through a downturn a few years ago and was scheduled for demolition, twice. I'm still undecided on whether it was a good idea to save this structure. It's not "green", despite being clad in green terracotta tiles. Currently, the Wiltern is managed by LiveNation. I'm pretty sure they will keep it only while it is a top money maker. I will hate to see the building "go", but it's only a building. It is registered with the National Register of Historic Places.

Left, is the extension of the Wiltern Theater. On the far end is a Denny's (at Oxford Street). In the middle is a restaurant that also serves as a night club. For more on Koreatown nightclubs, see below.

This is a Koreatown nightclub, Le Cercle. I haven't been in it, and I cannot talk about what goes on there, but I'm pretty sure it has had differing owners in the decade it's been at this location, west side of Western Avenue, just a block below Wilshire. On the door it reads: "Super Club", but I think they misspelled it. They meant: "Supper Club".

This is the front door of Assi Supermarket. Don't ask me to say the name of this place, I won't do that for you. Every time I shop here I see something wonderful. Today the fish monger had lots of Mackerel. Fresh!!!.

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