Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pawnee? Costuming at Selma and Vine

I was on my way to Trader Joe's today to buy some buttermilk and I chanced by the extras costuming and craft services. Lots of cute girls wandering around, all of them extras. Why gals wear high heel shoes to extra work I'll never guess. It's unlikely they will be wearing them once they are in costume. Hmmm ...

Across Selma, a group of photographers and sound men were milling around, waiting for something. I don't think they were papparazzi, but they could be.

I'm guessing that the name of the motion picture will be Pawnee. It could as easily be Pawnee Productions.

This is a Grant Parking Lot, or at least it was. Johnny Grant, an early denizen of Hollywood died a few years ago. His wealth was from parking lots (and real estate) and after his death, the parking lot business in Hollywood has changed. Where a parking lot covering half a square block had been there is now:

No more parking in Hollywood

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  1. my guess is that they were shooting scenes from NBC's Parks and Recreation, which is set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.