Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday's in Hollywood - I wander over to Tamarind Avenue

When I first lived in Hollywood in the 1960s, I chanced by a mom and pop ice cream stand. The vendor was a Mexican guy, spoke broken English and when I asked what flavors he had, the one he said I had never heard of was Tamarind. What a coincidence! His ice cream shack was on Sunset Blvd. at Tamarind Avenue. This was an odd brown colored popsicle. Odd colored as the ruddy brown was more silvery-brown at the surface. Probably due to the ice melting. To be honest, not that appealing looking. Ah! but once I took a lick, that changed my thought about this ice candy confection. So, to this day, I still recall that flavor. And relish it.

On Tamarind Ave. is the Tamarind Deli. That's odd. The immediate neighborhood is largely Latino, Armenian and Americans. The Deli appears to specialize in gourmet foodstuffs. That makes the place 'upscale'. Again, that well outside this neighborhood. There are some studios in the area and maybe they support this business. The deli was closed on Sunday and I'm going back there soon to see what they stock.

Around the corner on Sunset are, what appear to be, three separate restaurants. My guess is that they are all owned by one guy. First is a photo of Delancey. I've not eaten at any of these restaurants, but there are plenty of reviews of them on the 'net. Next door is the Wine Tasting Room. Girls will no doubt love the pink facade.

The next place is The Mission Cantina. It's menu is too pedestrian for your Rounder's taste. He likes his Mexican to have more thought than this.

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