Thursday, April 29, 2010

Serra do Boné Loosely Translated Means . . .

I was taking a break (and trying to get a photo of any cute gal) at Bricks & Scones again, today. The special coffee on offer is:

Serra do Boné

At $2.30 (US) per cup that's good money for a cup of joe. Yet, as I scoured the 'net for some info about this bean, I was rewarded with the fact that it won Brazil Cup of Excellence® Competition and Auction - 2006 Edition.

Serra do Boné translates loosely to mean The Mountain's Cap. I see it on the 'net for $18 a pound. Hmmm ... your Rounder wonders how many cups of coffee per pound. I dont' know Portuguese pronunciation so I say it: Ser-ra do Boney.

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