Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Storm Troopers Confront Tourists

We all knew that Darth Vader and the Evil Empire were evil! They are now broke (French: fauché). How could this have come to pass? Here the Hollywood Rounder found them begging tourists for money (Spanish: Pesos). Pictured we see Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper arguing about splitting the day's take. By the bye: Yours Truly did not help these evildoers by giving them any spare change. The Los Angeles Police Department seems ineffectual in removing this menace. These aliens must have far more powerful weapons. Cleverly they always appear in crowded areas, making the change of collateral damage likely, and the chance of being removed by the authorities unlikely.

N.B. --- The Hollywood Rounder has gone to great lengths to show off his multi-lingual skills, today, so you are so advised ... even though he is fluent in neither French nor Spanish (Spanish: Castilliano).

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