Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9 -- The View From Hollywood

Here is The Hollywood Rounder's ticket to District 9. I have some exterior shots of the Chinese Theater, too and will post them soon enough. I was at the opening day show in Hollywood. There was an earlier, 11:00 a.m., viewing, but that's too early for your Rounder to be up and about. If you don't live near Los Angeles, you can expect to pay less than $9.00 for a ticket. The DLP designation means that the film was shown using Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing system.

I did not actually have or receive a "Chinese Complex". I neither got nor gave anyone the "flu". That means that this theater is a multi-plex. I believe they have 6 screens not including the auditorium I sat in. The interior of the Chinese is quite gaudy, yet spectacularly pretty.

Overall I liked this film. I do have one cavil, however, I had a difficult time making out some of the dialog. Maybe it was just me that day, maybe the sound system pumps out too much bass, but I could not understand what was being said some of the time. Maybe the South African accented English is inaccessable to me.

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