Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Direct to Series Season 2 - Ile de France Film Commission

Yours truly received an invitation to the Direct to Series convocation. Don't get me wrong, maybe it was a group meeting. But there are more attendees than members of a group, so I'm miffed as to what I attended (not my first rodeo).

These groups along with the French Consulate of Los Angeles, sponsored this event, to promote French made television shows, as potential partners or out-right sales to Hollywood of French entertainment. With or without subtitles, I suppose.

 Above, Sebastian Labadie, schmoozing with a compatriot. His show: Q.I., was one selected for sales or collaboration with Hollywood.
Backdrop for Photo Ops

Assorted Miscreants

Photo Op in Operation

French Equivalent "Big Red Cup"
 See also: Toby Keith's Big Red Cup.

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