Saturday, January 1, 2011

Olvera Street - The Origin of Los Angeles California

Olvera Street is a remnant of the original portion of Los Angeles California. I've taken the step of visiting each Christmas and taking some photos. This year, 2010 hasn't been especially festive. That is probably due to the recession.

This door was the most festive photo I could take.

Here is a family happy to see their Hollywood Rounder. I'm joking, they are happy to see someone sharing their cultural ideas about the Birth of Christ. A few moments before I shot this, I helped this family take a group photo. The entire family. It was my one and only good deed for Christmas 2010. I learned my lesson about good Christmas deeds last year.

This is the Plaza looking towards the south-west. The group of people all wearing the same shirt is Banda Musical Delfines Xalapa

They are from the State of Veracruz in Mexico. Xalapa is the capitol of Veracruz. An interesting tidbit about Jalapa. It is the State of Mexico famous for the  jalapeño. But, in Veracruz, the chile is called a Cuaresma chile. That is also why in Veracruz, it's an X and not a J. Either way, it's mighty tasty.

Lady Delfines Musical

You can view the Banda's dress rehearsal for their appearance at the Rose Bowl Parade 2011, here. But, if you are interested, further, YouTube has some of their work.

All photos on the Rounder's pages can be enlarged by clicking them.

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