Monday, October 18, 2010

What With Hallowe'en Just Around The Corner

Hallowe'en. That is how it used to be spelled when I was only old enough to go Trick or Treating. That has changed and Hallowe'en (or All Hallows Day Evening, the day before All Hallows Day) has been a day that, for Los Angeles, in general, and Hollywood most specifically, a day for the crazies to pretend to party. Hollywood Boulevard fills with people in costume and the City of West Hollywood, takes on a zeitgeist that is almost a frenzy. Of course, there is no parking in L.A., so on occasions like Hallowe'en, it's best to be on foot.

There are few school aged children in Hollywood during Hallowe'en. Probably fewer still in West Hollywood. School aged children are taken to upscale Hancock Park, Beverly Hills or other more residential neighborhoods for their trick-or-treating.

I've posted before about the police, and the City of LA banning silly string on Hallowe'en. And in California, there is a state law that prohibits wearing a mask so as to disguise one's identity. Needless to say, the jails couldn't hold the number of people in West Hollywood alone, let alone getting the felonious felons off the streets of Hollywood.

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