Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday's In Hollywood California

I haven't eaten at the Waffle, so I'm waffling on whether the place is "any good" or not. I admire their deliver vehicle very much. "the Waffle" is open on Sunday's and always draws a crowd. You can sit outside, in the sun, or inside. I really must try this place, sometime.

Above, right, is what will become the Trader Joe's Hollywood branch. It's a market, not a supermarket. It was a great place for bargains, until the owner, Joe Colomn sold out to a German multi-national. Now it mostly TJ's brand name stuff. This photo is of the north east corner of Vine Street & Selma Avenue.

Next on the List of Things I Saw On Sunday is this. If you know what it is, please drop me a line in the Comments. This type of vehicle (Weird, Odd, Unusual) is not that uncommon in Hollywood, as the next picture shows. Although it's much more mundane than the car (is that a car?) on the left, it's does show how not atypical it is to see these oddball cars.

I admit that this is a striking and handsomely done work of art. I love convertibles, yet, somehow, I wouldn't want to own this pony car.

That's it for today. I'm out of spunk to make more 'musements. See ya' all soon.

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