Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Optical Illusion at Space 15 Twenty

I particularly like this photo. As I walked the walkway between the several stores, I saw this. It looks as though you could walk into the Where The Wild Things Are world. It's quite cute. Several windows/doors were done up like this at The Gallery Space for the pre-release publicity of the motion picture.

Space 15 Twenty now has a weblog. And the movie has a weblog as well: Where The Wild Things Are

As City Daily Photo requires only one photo be posted per day, I'm including my other Hollywood weblog, where more photos can be seen. Click here: 15 Seconds of Fame

From Sunday October 11th through the end of 2009, I ask you to click on one of Google's advertisements. I ask this as I must make the Hollywood Rounder self-supporting. Currently I have about $1.18 cents in ad revenue. When I have the $20.00 necessary to add 2 gig more of Google's storage space, I will remove this request. Thanks for your time.

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