Monday, June 1, 2009

The Not Forgotten (a movie AND a truck)

I was having a latte at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Not really folks, the Rounder wouldn't regularly touch one of those things. I prefer the French café au lait. None of that weak-sister Italian stuff for me. No sirree Bob. I love the place I found this photo. It's Larchmont Blvd. This was the first -planned by the City- shopping district in LA. It's both lively and yet conservative. By conservative I don't mean in any political sense. The ACLU sends kids to canvas and most of the people in the neighborhood are probably Democrats as the Hancock Park area, which is serviced by Larchmont is notably Hollywood celebs (Gina Davis, Ellen DeGeneris, Anne Heche) and behind-the-scene people, such as writers like Seth Kurland (Friends). These is wealthy folks. And so is the Hancock Park area, where the average home is $2,000,000 or more.

Not Forgotten

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  1. I hope to do a series shortly on what people do to their cars(and trucks). Artistically speaking. Have a cafe au lait on me.

  2. I avidly crave finding photos of unusual cars, vehicles and assorted mass mob modes of transportation, and be assured as the opportunity arises, more of such shall appear at the Hollywood Rounder's Roundup.