Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can they really be this BIG?

This building at the south-east corner of Sunset & Vine has been a subject of previous Roundups. At the time of it's construction, it was the tallest building in Los Angeles. Built by Dick Clark, it has a terrible floor plan and probably never made money. Clark sold it and since that time it has been re-sold. The newest owner has converted what was an office builing into a condominium (not a rubber for midgets - condom-minium). The Rounder gets mighty confused by the adverts on the exterior walls, however. Do the condo owner's get to split the rental for the adverts? How does that work?

The photo is a GUESS "girl" in her "natural state of deshabille". That is, she's got her blouse unbuttoned enough to see breasts at least 20 feet tall!!

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  1. She reminds me of a young Sophia Loren. Looks like the building has always been ugly.