Sunday, August 10, 2008

Petrojvik Blasting Company, redux

I caught those Petrojvik Blasting Company boys again, at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday August 10th. They, were hiding playing their ditties against a wall near the Los Angeles Film School's parking lot. Quite a large crowd gathered and the Farmer's Market Security "guard" was sent over to mind the boys, who in very good nature, took that in stride. In fact, they missed only a few more notes than they would have if the meanest, ugliest woman in Los Angeles hadn't told them they were blocking the driveway. As they are the only musicians that gather a crowd at the Farmer's Market, ever, they should be encouraged.

More importantly, if you are a fan of Petrojvik Blasting and Albania Mania!, you can find them playing free concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the corner of Selma Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard from Midnight until the bars close.

I have included, with the boys permission, their ode to George Clooney.

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