Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vampire Rights Amendment by the American Vampire League and the Fellowship of the Sun

While on my way somewhere (I've forgotten exactly where), I came across a strange set of posters on the wall of the (now) Sound Factory. The pictures of the two vampires are from Ivar Avenue at Selma Ave in Hollywood. The Tru-Blood advertising is from Beverly Boulevard, about 3 blocks east of Fairfax Avenue.

July 25, 2008 -- While on my way to Hollywood, at the same intersection (Selma and Ivar Avenues), I saw new posters plastered over the old posters. It seems there is a counter-Vampire Rights Amendment group, calling itself the Fellowship of the Sun

By late August, I found some more True Blood posters at a mom & pop market along Melrose at the corner of Melrose Avenue and N. Manhattan Place (north-east corner). As this is a Latin mercadito, it was unusual to see the free advert. there.

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