Thursday, September 4, 2014

Téa Leoni - Street Advertising in Hollywood or A Secret Meeting Place?

Travelling south of Vine Street today, I chanced past this and snapped a few photos. 

Téa Leoni - Advert for Madam Secretary

Flag Above the Musician's Union - Partial Patio of the Oinkster

I suspect that this is not a tour bus and why the production company would have the personnel, maybe including Ms. Leoni at the Oinkster restaurant is inexplicable. Stars of shows don't have lunch with production staff. At least the Stars do not travel in such vehicles to go to lunch. But I could be mistaken.

I first saw Téa Leoni in a show called The Naked Truth and thought she was both comic and sexy. This has not changed and while I have not seen the Madam Secretary, and it appears to be a drama, she is easy enough on the eyes, that I'll watch the show even if it is a drama. Madam Secretary has Bebe Neuwirth in it as well. Both of these ladies have voices (the sound of their voices) that I find intriguing. 

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