Sunday, March 30, 2014

Former CBS Studios on Sunset at El Centro Ave and Gower Street

The CBS Network's headquarters was for decades located in the heart of Hollywood. The complex, a block wide ran from Gower Street on the east to El Centro Avenue on the west. The complex was sold several years ago and is being re-developed.

I took these photos today, as Los Angeles has had breezes blowing off the desert to the ocean for two days and that clears out all the smog, soot, particulate matter from vehicles and leaves the air feeling clean, soft and almost beautiful.

The pictures of Mount Lee, where the Hollywood Sign is located, are particularly clear today. One can make out the trees leaves, almost. That's at a distance of several thousand feet.

Technicolor Building in b.g.

Sunset Gower Studios in b.g.

Newly constructed Emerson College in b.g.

Hollywood Sign at a distance

Hollywood Sign using Zoom

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