Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Slight Detour Around Hollywood

Don't get me wrong, Rounder Readers, I'm not against free speech, but when I saw that the California Department of Motor Vehicles has a Google Review of 3.6 out of 5 "Stars" rating, I felt compelled to inform my reading public about this obvious travesty.

Giving the DMV a B+ grade is, well, words fail me. I direct your generous attention to the television show: Reaper. If you can get Hulu, you can watch the show from it's beginning. In Reaper, Hell-On-Earth is represented by Gladys an employee of the DMV. The Souls that have escaped Hell must be returned by the show's protagonist, Sam, to the DMV. (much comedy ensues). I'm oblivious to whether Souls are seen at the Formosa Avenue DMV office, "but don't try this at home" and don't go there, "don't pass Go", and you will not be collecting $100.

Your Rounder is uncertain as to why anyone would review a government agency. Too many variables enter the picture. A restaurant has a dish or plate. It comes and is as expected, better or worse. Reviewable. The DMV is almost without exception always lined with people waiting for service. Grin and bear it is the DMV's motto.

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