Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mel's Drive In on Highland Ave., and The Herald Examiner

I've posted pix of Mel's Drive-In before, but am got some nicely lit ones today and am updating the view a bit.

Neon Blonde Beckoning!

The Hollywood Museum was the home of Max Factor Cosmetics for decades. It went unused for a while but the facade of the building, with it's pinkness eventually was converted to other uses.

The last photo, is almost a ghost sign. The Los Angeles Examiner or Herald-Examiner has been out of business for nearly 30 years. This is a picture of the second of two magazine racks along Hollywood Blvd. I know it's been out of business for several years. The Internet has made selling international newspapers to tourists in their native languages too expensive. A London Times was $7.00 (US) while this place was still in business.

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