Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1-866-6DUNPHY (638-6749)

Factitious Advertising for the TV show:

Modern Family

A Man Who Cares?

This is a picture of a bus bench near the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Larchmont Blvd in Hollywood.

Phil Dunphy the character, is a hapless schlub portrayed by Ty Burrell on Modern Family .

This advertisement is part of an amusing trend in enter-tainment advertising, using social media venues as well as traditional advertising venues to make the public believe that the fictional is real.

Unusually enough the phone number rings to an offer of a Caribbean Cruise for only $59.00 (the port taxes). You should call that number right now, before the offer ends.

Will this become as significant a phone number as Beechwood 4 or Jenny's 867? I don't know, but it's a hoot whether it becomes legend or not.

I suspect that Phil's wife, Clair Dunphy isn't all that loyal and is probably getting some on the side.

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