Friday, April 5, 2013

Hellman's Mayonnaise - Diane Merrick - Beverly Blvd.

As I'm flaneuring along Beverly Blvd. yesterday, a shoot was in full swing and I snapped a photo for the public's edification.

A crewmember told me it's a Hellman's Mayonnaise tv commercial. That won't be shown here in Los Angeles. The Hellman's parent company calls their mayo "Best Foods Mayo" in Los Angeles. East Coasters will see this TV spot.

The scene is inside the Diane Merrick clothing boutique. This section of Beverly Blvd. is rather more upscale than it's counterparts on Melrose Avenue.

Diane Merrick

Returning home I saw a Bentley. While that's a pretty common sight here in Hollywood, this car was dressed up a little differently:

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