Monday, August 27, 2012

A Queue 4 Shoes

I confess that I had to look up "kicks". The Urban Dictionary says this about "kicks""

2. New Shoes that are ill.

Sam: Obviously you are obliviouse to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these "kicks". 

Bob: That is correct my hip gangster from Harvard. "You are off the chain", so to speak.Those are the "tightest kicks i have ever seen". For shezzy My Neezy

So, I was surprised to see a number of people, in a queue, early on a Saturday morning, waiting to buy shoes. The importance of being first to buy shoes is lost on me. Have I become Hollywood UN-fashionable? I think not!

By the bye: in the definition above, "Shoes that are 'ill'. I'm guessing that is a parallelism, euphemism or synonym for "sick", still meaning "good".

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