Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Really All About Me?

I was strolling up Vine Street on Sunday. At the old Home Savings & Loan building, this woman, sat, doing man in the street interviews. She's wearing a tiara, folks. She's Jessica Kinsella. I believe she's a New Yorker, 'cause of her accent. I gave her my card, which you can see in her hand. She's quite a talker and  the card, at least, gave her a pause. The process of her interviews is that if you don't know "who she is", she's happy to inform you and remove your "ignorance". She's loads of fun.

Jessica Kinsella


  1. Cool. Does she do it for TV, or just for passers-by?

    1. You can see some clips on Youtube of Miss Kinsella.