Thursday, June 2, 2011

I will paint any car for $19.95 - says Earl Scheib

Where the Hollywood Freeway entrance (southbound) meets Santa Monica Blvd. is an Earl Scheib auto paint shop. That's the sign on the building, anyway. Scheib is a goner since 2010. He was famous for his local TV commercials. "I'll paint any car any color for $19.95" he would shout into the microphone.

The sign on the door says: "Pretty Boy Empire". That's a record label. Until the paint falls off the limo.
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  1. Wow, for under twenty bucks. I bet the paint is watered down.

  2. feel free to contact me on facebook "PrettyBoy Empire" and myspace "PrettyBoy Empire" and 323-450-5111 , 1-800-450-5042

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