Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost Ready - gaga for Gaga, Coffee Trailer and Street Foods

Almost Rele . . .
The Hollywood Palladium will be the place to party this coming May 26th, as it serves as the venue for the Born this Way album release party. Oh! I better say: the event is gay.

Blue Bottle Coffee
I was on my way to see how Space 15-20 is fairing and found a new place to get an espresso there. Actually, they have drip coffee, but some exotic varietals of beans. And you cannot get a more cozy place to sip. This Koffee Klatch Kart is nestled on the east end of place. One of the merchants, a clothier, has moved. And in it's place is an analog audio stereo store. So, if you go to check out the turntables and non-iPOD stuff, you can get a cuppa joe and sit and enjoy.

The Queen of Tacos? #2
This picture shows the reason I love Mexico. It makes me smile just to see this. I love the rusticity of the scene and the complete lack of accurate perspective. We just cannot do this type of art in the U.S. Even though I question the notion and name: The Queen of Tacos, we Americans do have a "Burger King" so, it's not all that outlandish. Sí ¿cómo no? 

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