Monday, April 11, 2011

Native Fry Bread - At the Arclight, More Private Practice ephemera, Another Prop Girlfriend and Liza Weil (Paris of the Gilmore Girls tv show)

Fry Bread is a Native American speciality food. I was most surprised to see this food truck parked on Sunset Blvd., directly in front of the ArcLight movie theater.

The sign reads: Please be advised - Bricks and Scones from 3pm will be closed on the following date(s) - Friday April 8, for the filming of the television show entitled: "Private Practice". We apologize for any inconvenience.

Entitled - really?

If you click to enlarge this photo on the right, you will see orange traffic cones from the place where the camera was to the corner at Rosewood Avenue. This is a distance of about 300 or more feet. Private Practice was filming at Bricks & Scones (of which I have posted at this blog) and the production trucks fill all of the west side of Larchmont Blvd. and on Rosewood from Larchmont to Lucerne. That's lots of trucks, etc.

Another PROP girlfriend - not Liza
One of these days, I'm gonna get lucky with one of these gals. However, just as an aside, I saw Liza Weil (Paris on the Gilmore Girls) on Larchmont a few days ago. I recognized her and said: "Is your name Liza?" To which she responded by stopping and asking "Yes, how do I know you?" and I replied "I'm just a fan of Gilmore". She started to depart when I asked if I could take her photo, holding my camera up in my hand, so she could see I was ready and would not unduely take her time. But she had her infant in a sling on her front and declined, saying she didn't want photos of the kid. Which, I respected. With regret, audience, I have no photo of her.

If I see Miss Weil on the Boulevard again, I'll see if she will oblige the readers of The Hollywood Rounder.

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  1. I've never heard of fry bread but I'll certainly look for the truck. The most surprising food truck I've seen so far is from Canaters Deli.