Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zipcars, TV Stars, and Parked In Front Of A Bar

I apologize, in advance for this entries title. I was hoping for a rhyme, but it's early, I haven't had my coffee and . . . please view the photos and forget the title of this post.

The green colored sign reads: Zip Cars. These are shared vehicles. You sign up and pay only when you use the vehicle, returning it to any available Zip parking space. I'm confused as to what happens if there is no parking place. Do they report the car as stolen?

When I took this pix, the guys putting up the billboard wanted "Star" billing, but all they got was Vulcanized, as their agent has no clout with me.

Almost an alternative form of transportation. This photo included as I had never heard of the Garelli brand, before. I believe Garelli is not making mo-peds and this is therefore, a picture of an antique. Ah semi-antique.

I watch this show, as I discovered actress Summer Glau in Firefox and then Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She is cast in science fiction shows, so far, but, underlying that tough girl exterior, I think there is a comedian.

All photos on the Rounder's pages can be enlarged by clicking them.

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