Monday, February 14, 2011

Giant Obediance Problems and Phydough Pet Snack Catering Truck

Cruising down Selma Ave. on Sunday afternoon, I found some graffiti on a poster-sized scale. I call it graffiti because it's not art and it's freeloading on someone's property, usually without permission. You could never see this in a gallery. This style of art is reminiscent of advertising in magazines and matchbooks mid 20th century. Picturted is the south west corner of the intersection of Wilcox Ave. and Selma Ave. The poster reads:

"Giant cured all my obedience problems!" OBEY

The Phydough has dog treats on-the-go.
Next on my Sunday outing was the irregular appearance of this catering truck. This is the oddest of the trendy travelling roach-coaches in Los Angeles. About 3 years ago, somebody had the idea to combine taco truck catering cuisine with Korean food. For example, beef taco with kimchi. Why this idea caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times newspaper's food editors I don't know. I suppose it's a dog-bites-man style story. This has spawned dozens of these kitsch playtoys. The public flocks to them and they have started to become a nuisance to regular (mortar and brick) restaurants. The City Fathers have enacted new regulations to limit these coaches. Fights have broken out in neighborhoods, where multiples of these trucks occupy parking spaces. I will keep my breathlessly awaiting public word of any late developments.

I have previously posted about the taco truck tie-in with the Robert Rodriguez movie Machete. As I see more of the I will start to post them. Although, I will not eat at them, unless cajoled.

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