Thursday, January 6, 2011

Private Practice (at Girasole on Larchmont Blvd.)

FilmLA Permit Notice
This is the type of "notice" you see on the streets of Hollywood, whenever a shoot takes place in public. The production company, in this instance ABC Studios, must pay a fee to use the public street or in this case sidewalk. Also, the restaurant Girasole, will be used as a set for some food business at Private Practice (stars Kate Walsh).  As the restaurant must close for this, it too receives lots of bucks to close and turn it's customers away for a day.

I don't much want to tell you about Girasole. It's my favorite Italian restaurant in LA. Ernani, the owner is Italian and he goes out of his way to get fresh water buffalo mozzarella, every day. And the sausages are made only for the restaurant.

The place gets crowded enough for real. I will have to wait on-line like all the other customers if the show makes this place even more popular.

Here are the prop ferns. If you click the picture, the blue tape has the name: Private Practice.
These are rented and will go back to their gardener or what-ever.

Set Decorator
The set decorator and some crew mull over how to make things "pretty".

Grips (electricians)
No, these are not hoodlums looking to rough up some of the actors. They are electricians or as they are known in the trade: grips.

Prop Booze

This is real fake booze. Or maybe fake real booze. Either way Ms. Walsh

-- Bottoms UP!

My prop girlfriend

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