Tuesday, August 17, 2010

500 Block of North Lucerne

While cruising down Lucerne Blvd. (a mis-nomer) Blvd. implies thoroughfare and Lucerne isn't anywhere near that, yesterday, I saw that some shoot was going to be done there. So, I snapped a quick pix of the parking situation. As Your Hollywood Rounder is a fast reader it didn't take long to get through the rules & regs of parking. And, as a courtesy to my many readers, I will sum it up for you: Don't Park Here. That shot is taken on Sunday, last.
Come Tuesday, August 17th, they are starting to set up and a stake bed truck has arrived with a palm tree and some other greenery. As the shoot probably starts tomorrow, I'll swing by and try to get a shot of something more entertaining.
If you hurry, you can get to this shoot. It's located at the corner of Lucerne Blvd. and Rosewood Ave. near Hancock Park. Second house on the left is most likely the location. It has a silvery roof.

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