Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walkway Along A Silver Strand Mall

To my mind, Los Angeles has always had problems with naming streets. When, whomever names streets runs out of clever ideas, they fall back on truly strange names. For instance, this photo shows what the Silver Strand's Malls look like. Mall is the "name" for Street, Avenue, Way, Court, etc. The sidewalk pictured is on the south side of this Mall. In the foreground is a wall around the home. Oooopppss, I almost wrote: A Wall Around The Mall! The "Mall" is divided by a garden parkway but no street for cars. The sidewalks are on both sides of the parkway. It's quite pretty, if a little over-busy cheek-to-jowel-wise. Still, yours truly, might enjoy the life of a beach-bum for a year or two. All those in favor of The Hollywood Rounder moving to the beach, say: Avast Ye Swabbies!

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  1. How about, "Go for it," instead?

  2. No, I fear that like the director shouting "Action" that the Rounder is unmoved by other than Piratical Terms ... part of the Pirates Code of Ethics ... almost unknown outside the beach crowd ...