Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Written in Brass (and mounted on stone)

I have always wondered why Hollywood has a Chamber of Commerce. There is very little actual business in Hollywood. Lots of cheap souvenir shops, too many tatoo and piercing shops and lots of cafes and restaurants. The C of C couldn't possibly help those owner's image. Never the less, Hollywood has it's own Chamber. And for those Rounder Readers that think that there is a lot of Motion Picture & Television biz in H'wd., I must inform you that you need to look in North Hollywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Culver City and the South Beach Cities, 'cause Hollywood hasn't had much Show Business, since the mid-to-late 60s.

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  1. I always found Hollywood to be missing something. As though, it was lost in time and in need of a soul.

  2. Orson Wells said: "Los Angeles is a collection of suburbs looking for a center." I say, almost every business has a neighbor which uses the word "center". For example: Universal City Center. I'm not saying it is the most common word in a business name, only a plethora of "centers".