Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking the "Hollywood" Bull By The Horns

Due to recent safety concerns the Hollywood Rounder wants all to know that this picture is an excellent example of how not to ride a bull. Please, if you ever do this, grab the bull by the horns. (Bring soap to wash your hands afterwards.) -- The Rounder doesn't talk about politics or religion, and your Mother probably told you to do the same. So, with the exception that proves the rule, the Rounder has submitted this photo as the property on which it sits is now a Chase Manhattan Bank, here, in all places, Hollywood California. That's bull enough for everyone! A little more about this work of art:

Flight of Europa

1931. Paul Manship

The plaque under this sculpture reads: "On this corner in December 1913 Hollywood was born with the filming of the first full-length feature movie, The Squaw Man. For 26 years this famous corner was the symbol of another entertainment medium, as NBC broadcast to the world from radio and television studios located here. On February 15, 1954, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Radio and Television Society recognized the importance of Sunset and Vine by choosing this site for the entertainment industry's time capsule, to be removed from beneath this plaque and opened February 15, 2004."

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  1. Perhaps it's more important to know where one has been than where one is going.