Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunset Plaza's Restaurants

Along the Sunset Strip are a few restaurants, boutiques and haberdasheries. This is a photo of Le Petit Four (the small oven) with a Ferrari or some such sports car parked in front. The Sunset Plaza area is quite elegant. There is even decent parking on both sides of Sunset Blvd. This part of Los Angeles was never "incorporated" hence it's not in the City of Los Angeles, but rather only in the County of LA. The importance of this is that during Prohibition, the LA County police or Sheriffs could be "bought off" and the liquor flowed freely. The Hollywood crowd gravitated there for the speak-easies and the place has been "in" ever since.

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  1. Sunset Plaza is actually in the city of West Hollywood now.

  2. Very "LA." Those look like large heaters on the sidewalk.