Friday, April 3, 2009

Bar Celona, Delacey's Club 41 and Pasadena

This is a photo of Bar Celona, a visual play on words for the Spanish city of Barcelona. Sitting on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California, it is a modern style establishment.

Some of the Rounder's viewers may ask: "Is Pasadena even near Hollywood?", and the answer must be, Hollywood is continously using parts of Pasadena to shoot movies and TV shows in. For example, Judging Amy sometimes has scenes in a restaurant in Pasadena, Delacey's Club 41. However it is true that one cannot see the Hollywood sign from Pasadena. The purist in me thinks that one has to see the sign, in order to qualify being in Hollywood.

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  1. When I lived in California, I used to bar crawl in Pasadena all the time. Do they still have the Do Dah Parade? That was great fun.