Monday, April 20, 2009

Alleged Streetwalker near Vine and Santa Monica

I allege that this woman works around my neighborhood as a prostitute. As I don't want trouble from her friends, clients and/or pimps, I say ALLEGE. The few "girls" who work around here are mostly she-males. There is a debate with the neighbors as to whether they are men with breast surgery or women who have an added member.

Sorry for all the indelicacy folks, but after I got a comment about the girls from the music video, yesterday, I decided to post what the whores in the 'hood look like.

All photos on the Rounder's pages can be enlarged by clicking them.


  1. Looks too residential for "business" activity. I don;t understand people who frequent these "establishments." Then again, its' been around a lot longer than me.

  2. She is a lot more modestly dressed than the dozen hookers that ambushed all at the same time on Sunset blvd. One was wearing a clear plastic mini skirt. But that was 1981 a more flamboyant era. I had a pink streak dyed in my hair and a dog chain around my neck at the time. It scared the heck out of me though,
    I was only 14yrs old.